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Ozoalor Nkechinyere,farm manager feeding grasscutters
Thryonomys Swinderianus(scientific name),locally called "cutting grass",hedgehog in English and rat des roaseaux or herisson in French, is highly valued meat.Grasscutters(a rodent family),have been and continue to be a delicacy in a number of countries,in Latin America,west and central Africa and Asia.Up till now,grasscutters have generally been hunted in the wild,but rearing them is very straightforward.The high demand,attract market price and small amount of investment required makes grasscutters a suitable mini-livestock activity for income generation in many countries of West Africa including Nigeria.This offers small-scale farmers,investors,entrepreneurs and all those with wealth-mind set,an economic incentive for raising grasscutters in captivity.It has huge market in hotels,the public and other individuals who need the scarce animals.Depending on your experience,grasscutter can be packaged to outfits as pepper soup meat,suya,frozen or dried meat.It is highly respected meat to serve official guests at meal.

Good things about Grasscutter Farming
  • Breeding grasscutter can easily be done in urban and rural areas,hence it offers new opportunity to the growing unemployed population.
  • It can be reared alongside many other activities;as part time,hobby or full time business.
  • It can be practiced by anybody: the unemployed,retirees,traders,house wife,students,NGO's and workers.
  • It can easily be integrated into an already existing farm.
  • Grasscutters are polygamous in nature,hence it makes it easy to raise them in captivity and in large numbers.
  • It is a very viable commercial venture.
  • Grasscutter farming business requires less space and can be done anywhere,at farm,backyard or even at home;a corner in a room in  the house surrounded by brick walls can serve as the house.
  • The farming of grasscutter requires little work and just small capital (few thousand naira) to start off a business that can fetch millions in a short period.
  • It is herbivorous rodent,the main feed for this animal is grass,hence,it is very easy and affordable to breed.The droppings can be used as manure.
  • The reproduction capacity of grasscutter is very high.
  • Gestation period of the grasscutter is about 154 days or five months.
  • The meat has high carcass quality and protein is comparable to that of poultry.
  • The meat tastes well and highly relished.
  • There is no known religion discrimination against grasscutter meat.
  • Rearing grasscutters creates an additional source of income and job opportunities for urban and rural dwellers.The business of producing,processing,transporting,storing,financing and servicing grasscutter products should give employment to many people.
  • No skilled labour is required for this project as we provide thorough practical training in our farm.

To help people tap into this secrete gold mine(grasscutter farming),our organization ZANDALA FARMS,has written a manual titled "MODERN GRASSCUTTER BREEDING GUIDE",it's a comprehensive step by step practical book that teaches you all you need to know for a successful grasscutter farming.

We sale grasscutter breeding stock.

We supply live and dressed grasscutters to wholesalers,restaurants and private individuals nationwide.


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